Managed Inbound Transportation

Today’s Biggest Opportunity to Reduce Freight Expenses.

Traditionally shippers have looked to outbound freight for cost reductions and service level improvements, something which we at Nulogx are very good at achieving.  However, with always increasing pressure to continually improve, companies are looking for answers on how to further reduce costs. Nulogx knows the answer by asking one simple question:

You control your outbound; why not control your inbound too?

Inbound freight offers equal, if not greater, cost reduction opportunities.  The impact of the current market conditions creates an opportunity for shippers to review their inbound freight as a source for immediate cost savings.  Nulgox Managed Inbound Program is offered within our Managed Transportation Services (MTS) division and delivers immediate, low risk cost savings as well as streamlined warehouse operations an numerous “soft cost” saving.

Today You Have No Control

As the supply chain becomes more refined and integrated, its management has an even greater impact on the bottom line. Every dollar allocated to transportation and materials management must be ultra efficient.   Today’s deliveries to your business are designed to meet the goals of your vendor, not you.


Vendor controls the delivery and reaps the benefits along with your competitors

Taking Control Means Saving Money

With an Managed Inbound Transportation Program, you can:

green arrowTake control of your inbound  freight and design it to meet your needs

green arrowIncrease visibility to what is being shipped to you and how

green arrowSeparately manage the cost of goods and the cost of transportation

Managed Inbound Transportationgreen arrowMaximize efficiency and save money

Inbound Freight

You control the delivery and You reap the benefits


Benefits of an Inbound Program

Drive Savings from Operations

green arrowImproved visibility of your real inbound shipment costs
green arrowStreamline warehouse operations with fewer deliveries and advanced notification
green arrowStreamline order-process to reduce transportation cost

Reduce Costs

green arrowEliminate the “transportation profit” a vendor may have included in their price
green arrowConsolidate shipments, increase average shipment size and reduce deliveries
green arrowLeverage outbound capacity to pick up In-bound shipments


But How Do We Get There?

Controlling inbound shipments maximizes efficiency and saves money, but creating an inbound program can be a daunting task.

Common Challenges

1. Understanding the scope and complexity of your inbound freight

2. Capital investment in systems and infrastructure

3. Vendor Management

4. Lack of modeling tools to evaluate and prioritize activities to avoid pitfalls

5. Lack of reporting and tracking tools

6. Lack of resources to take on a new project

7. The whole process has a high potential for failure if not managed correctly

8. Nulogx has the experience to address these challenges


We’ll adapt to achieve your maximum results

green arrowTailored Solutions to address your specific needs and fit your company

green arrowOutsourced technology, people and market knowledge to manage your transportation activities 

green arrowVisibility by providing you with the information needed to make decisions

green arrowCollaborative work with you to determine where your most effective opportunities can be found


Solution Attributes


Inbound ProgramInstant Ignition
We have the capabilities and systems in place to start your inbound program immediately. Our experts can start taking your orders the moment you say go.
Inbound SavingsSave As You Go
No capital investment, limited start-up costs, variable cost model that is offset by immediate savings.
scalabilityRapid Scalability
We handle nationwide enterprise class customers today and have the capability to quickly deploy our capacity to grow with you.
Optimal SavingsPrioritized Savings Program
Together we identify optimal savings areas and create a program which prioritizes for highest impact.
data detectivesProfit Visibility
Our team of Data Detectives continually investigates and validates your data to solve your savings mysteries.
ReportingLogistics Control Centre
Staffed with experienced transportation professionals, with the capability to provide tailored solutions such as on-site or 7-24 support.
Comprehensive Reporting
You receive in-depth intelligence that show shipment-by-shipment savings; weekly tracking toward goals; and complete operational visibility for performance management.
VendorsVendor Transition Support
We support the on-boarding of vendors so they can be transitioned into the inbound program in a seamless manner.